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Please note granite care and maintainence is customers responsibility after installations have been made, and we can not accept any responsibility for damage off liquids oils wines etc. Please read below for more info on how to correctly care for your investment. We recommend these two products shown below which can be purchased from


Lithofin stain stop, to protect against grease, water , wine , food dyes


Brillo silicone wax , to deepen the depth of colours ,and protect against liquids

How to care for your granite worktops Thank you for purchasing your new granite worktops from Amg granite worktops, Your granite is millions of years old. It has been mined from the ground, cut and polished using the latest machinery, and finished by the company s top mason. Your granite will remain looking as good as the day it was fitted if it is properly maintained. Maintenance is very simply but there are a few do’s and donts.


  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Clean the worktops regularly using a recommended cleaner or hot soapy water then dry with kitchen roll
  • Re-seal regularly 


  • Leave anything acidic on the worktops such as lemon juice, red wine, white wine etc. for a prolonged period of time. The acid may etch the polished surface leaving a dull spot. No sealer will fully protect against acid etching.
  • Put anything very hot on the worktops. Although granite is quite heat resistant and may withstand hot things sometimes, there is always a risk of a thermal fracture if the temperature of the granite changes rapidly. We recommend using trivets around the kitchen.
  • Cut directly on the granite. Again granite is very scratch resistant but not scratch proof; it will also dull your knives. We recommend using a chopping board
  • Drop anything heavy onto the worktops especially the edges. Although granite is very strong it can also be brittle and may chip.
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